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SwiftGreen™ Filter Elements Can Reduce Waste While Saving Substantial Money

wind turbine filter

SWIFTGREEN™ filter elements use a unique design that separates what needs to be disposed (the filter media) from what can be retained (the bypass valve). The result? You get a filter that:

  • minimizes potential hazardous waste issues (less to dispose)
  • saves significant money on repeat filter element purchases
  • reduce your environmental "footprint"

Replaces Hydac™ Series
0060R, 0110R, 0140R
0160R, 0240R, 0280R
0330R, 0500R  
0660R, 0850R, 1700R
0950R, 1300R, 2600R

Hydac is a trademark of Hydac Technology GMBH

SWIFTGREEN Bypass Filter Technology is available to replace Hydac™ return line filter elements as well as other return line filter elements from other manufacturers.

All return line elements utilize the latest generation of SwiftGlass™ Bx(C)≥ 1000 (per ISO 16889) micro-fiberglass filter media. This media provides high levels of fluid cleanliness while maintaining low pressure drop characteristics.

SWIFTGREEN filter elements are also available in all micron ratings of SWIFTCELL™ cellulose and SWIFTMESH™ woven wire cloth.