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SWIFTGREEN™ Reusable Bypass Valve Return Line Filter Elements are ideal replacement filters for GE wind turbines that are approaching their End of Warranty (EOW). Many wind turbine owners have realized significant economic and environmental benefits by employing Swift filters on gearbox lubrication return lines. Because the unique SWIFTGREEN design features a removable and reusable bypass valve assembly, it reduces the volume of waste. The used filter element is disposed, but the precision-machined bypass is recycled and can be used indefinitely. See Wind Turbine Filter Products for additional information.

cold weather wind turbine filters

Special Cold Weather Bypass Designs

Swift Filters has engineered a unique SwiftGreen return line filter element for cold weather start-ups. Under start-up conditions, fluid bypasses the main filter and is directed to an inner wire bypass until it is warm enough to be filtered by the main filter. Because the inner wire bypass is only in service for short periods, it has been designed to be reusable.

Filter Elements for Wind Turbine Brakes

Swift Filters also makes replacement filter elements for wind turbine brake systems. We can provide both standard and double length designs.