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Desiccant Breathers Protect Equipment, Reservoirs and Gearboxes from Moisture and Particulate

Swift Filters, Inc. has announced a new line of desiccant breathers for industrial equipment. The new Swift-Dri™ breathers protect equipment from moisture and particulate that can be drawn into them as they “breathe” during normal operation. As air contracts or expands, or as entering fluid displaces air in a system, outside air is drawn in from the atmosphere. The Swift-Dri breathers block moisture and particles that may be in the air from entering the system. Typical applications are on hydraulic system reservoirs, gearboxes, diesel fuel storage tanks, and pumps.

Swift-Dri desiccant breathers average almost 20% greater moisture-retention capacity than other leading brands. Silica gel desiccant beads prevent harmful moisture from the atmosphere from entering the system. In addition, they work to attract moisture already in equipment reservoirs during servicing or shut-down, keeping equipment dry. Ten models are available to fit systems up to 600 gallons. Optional check valve models are available to help isolate equipment from high humidity ambient conditions, to prolong breather life. Adapters are available to allow connection to most equipment.