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Industrial Process Filter Elements Announced; Have Integral Spring to Simplify Use

(June 19, 2014) Swift Filters, Inc. has announced a new series of process filter elements for industrial use. SwiftProcess™ Filter Elements employ high efficiency microfiber glass media to provide a lower pressure drop and higher dirt loading capacity than traditional string-wound or resin process filter elements. The new elements feature an integral spring, which replaces previous spring-and-cup designs, which were prone to loss during maintenance. The new design eliminates the possibility of cups falling into the filter housing and the nuisance of retrieving them.

SwiftProcess elements are available in the standard industrial format of 2.5" O.D. x 1" I.D., with lengths from 9.65" to 39.90". They are compatible with petroleum-based fluids, water glycols, polyol esters and phosphate esters (EHC fluids). Filtration rating is Bx = 200 (ISO 4572) Bx (c) = 1000 (ISO 16889).

SwiftProcess filter elements are highly suitable for power generation applications, as well as numerous industrial uses.