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Cellulose Filter Elements

SWIFTCELL™ cellulose filter media is low cost, disposable and nominally rated.

Micro-Fiberglass Filter Elements

SWIFTGLASS™ micro-fiberglass filter elements provide extra protection via increased dirt holding capacity and particle capture efficiency.

Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Filter Elements

SWIFTMESH™ stainless steel wire cloth filter elements are available in epoxy-bonded, crimped, all-welded and metal felt alternatives.

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Filter Elements

SWIFTWEDGE™ wedge wire elements are ideal for demanding high pressure, high flow applications.

High Pressure Filter Assemblies

Our Swift-JB International division provides complete filter assemblies (housing and filter element) for high pressure applications.

Low Pressure Filter Assemblies

Housings and elements for industrial filtration.

Desiccant Breathers

Remove moisture and particulate from hydraulic systems, storage vessels.

Specialty Filter Elements

We make Anti-Static, Water Removal, Hydraulic, Industrial Process and Japanese Style filter elements.

Filter Media Comparison

Compare attributes of cellulose, micro fiberglass, stainless steel wire and metal felt filter media.

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