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hydraulic fluid filter element

Fluid Power Filter Element / Hydraulic Filter Element Products

Fluid Power/Hydraulic filter element applications can be demanding. They require filtration products that can withstand a variety of difficult conditions in industrial, aerospace and mobile applications. Harsh and severe conditions can often apply to hydraulic filter applications (like mining or military applications). Hydraulic power systems require assorted components like pumps, valves, cylinders and motors to name a few. Keeping your system contamination-free with a quality hydraulic filter element can prolong the life of system components.

Swift Filters manufacturers both stainless steel filter element products and metal felt filter element products for fluid power use. Either style can be cleaned to extend filter element life and reduce disposal costs.

Free and dissolved water in hydraulic systems can be removed using SwiftSorb™ Water Removal Filter Elements. These products are co-pleated with a special water absorber layer.

We also supply Swift-Dri™ Desiccant Breathers to remove moisture and particulate from hydraulic reservoirs and systems.

Our hydraulic filter elements are ideal replacements for many OEM elements and are designed to be functionally and dimensionally interchangeble to:

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