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Oil Reclamation Filter Element Products

Swift Filters provides oil reclamation filter elements specifically designed to meet the needs of high speed oil flushers/reclaimers. Our filter elements help oil reclamation experts hit their ISO counts as quickly as possible, while providing high dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop and economical pricing.

oil reclamation elements

Our oil reclamation filter elements are ideal replacements for many OEM elements. They are designed to be functionally and dimensionally interchangeable to

  • Pall® filter elements
  • Parker® filter elements
  • Hilco®/Hilliard® filter elements
  • and others

Swift Filters also supplies complete low pressure filter assemblies (housing and element) that are ideal for many oil reclamation applications.

*All manufacturer's descriptions, names and part numbers are for reference only. All tradenames referenced are the trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Swift Filters, Inc. does not claim to produce other manufacturer's filters and/or strainer elements.