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Filter Media Comparison

There are many types of filter media available today. Swift uses five main types as the foundation of our product line — Cellulose Filter Elements, Micro-Fiberglass Filter Elements, Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Filter Elements, Metal Felt Filter Elements and Wedge Wire Filter Elements. Below is a brief comparison of typical cost/performance characteristics that may be of assistance in helping to make the proper selection for your filtration applications.

Cellulose Micro-Fiberglass Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Metal Felt
Initial Cost Low Moderate Low to High* High
Capture Efficiency Moderate High Low to High* High
Dirt Holding Capacity Moderate High Low to High* High
Differential Pressure Low to Moderate Low to Moderate Low to High* Low
Life in a System High Low to High* High High
Fluid Compatibility Low Moderate High High
Cleanable No No Yes Yes

*The performance of stainless steel elements depends on the mesh size and the fluid system requirements. Contact us for more information.

Cleanliness required for typical hydraulic components

Component ISO code
Proportional valves17/15/12
Vane and piston pumps and motors18/16/13
Directional and pressure control valves18/16/13
Flow control valves and cylinders20/18/15
New unused fluid20/18/15

The chart below provides a particle size comparison of the more recent ISO 16889 standard with the old ISO 4572 standard.

Bx(c)=1000 (ISO 16889)2.5571222
Bx=200 (ISO 4572)‹1361225