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Low Pressure Filter Assemblies | Low Pressure Filter Housings

Swift Filters FJV-183 Series low pressure filter assemblies are ideal for use in industrial filtration applications with maximum working pressures up to 435 psi (30 bar). Two housings lengths are available.

FVJ-183 Series housings are available with a full range of filter elements:

  • Coreless
    • Micro-Fiberglass (SWIFTGLASS)
  • Cored
    • Micro-Fiberglass (SWIFTGLASS)
    • Wire Mesh (SWIFTMESH
    • Wire Cloth (SWIFTMESH

Unique Adapter Flange Available. Reduces Standard 4" opening. Custom Flanges available upon request. 1" NPT adapter shown.

Coreless housings with standpipe assembly.