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cellulose filter elements

SWIFTCELL™ filter media is made from resin-impregnated cellulose filter media. The filter media is pleated and then assembled into an economical disposable filter element. Cellulose filter elements are low cost, disposable, and nominally rated.

microfiberglass filter elements

SWIFTGLASS filter media is manufactured from inert micro-fiberglass material bonded with a stable resin, randomly set into a multi-layer composite.

stainless steel wire cloth filter elements

SWIFTMESH filter media consists of stainless steel wire cloth strands woven in various mesh patterns to form absolute as well as nominal filtration ratings.

sintered stainless steel felt media filter elements

SWIFTFELT filter media is made from sintered stainless steel felt. This nonwoven porous metal fiber media is ideal for high pressure filter elements, high temperatures and other demanding applications.

high pressure filters for the offshore oil industry

Swift FJV Series High Pressure T-Type filters are engineered for the extreme environments of the offshore oil industry and other demanding applications.

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