Oil Reclamation Hydraulic Filters

Oil Flusher and Reclaimer Hydraulic Filters
Swift Filters design and manufactures oil reclamation filter elements specifically for high speed oil flushers/reclaimers filtration requirements. Our filter elements help oil reclamation experts hit their ISO counts as quickly as possible, while providing high dirt holding capacity over  low pressure drops.

OEM Oil Reclamation Replacement Filters 
Our oil reclamation filter elements are economical ideal replacement for many OEM filters. They are designed to be functionally and dimensionally interchangeable to many OE hydraulic filters including:

  • Pall® filter elements
  • Parker® filter elements
  • Hilco®/Hilliard® filter elements
  • and others

Complete Filtration Solutions for Extra Protection and Service Life
Swift Filters also supplies complete low pressure filter assemblies comprised of housings and elements that meet the rigorous requirements of many oil reclamation filtration applications.

We design and manufacture thousands of custom and customized filter elements in our U.S.-based Ohio manufacturing facility.