Water Removal Filter Elements

SWIFTSORB®  Water Removal Filter Elements

Free water in hydraulic or lube systems is a serious contaminant. 

SwiftSorb "super absorber" media absorbs many times its own weight in water, trapping it for easy removal with minimal pressure drop. The SwiftSorb filter media  layer reacts with water to physically lock the water to the absorbent material via hydrogen bonding so that it cannot return to the oil or fuel.It is available with all microfiberglass filter elements (SWIFTGLASS® products).

Any Swift filter element can be co-pleated with our SwiftSorb water absorber that allows it to selectively absorb water,

Double Protection for Hydraulic Systems 

By removing water, oil life is extended as well as the life of your equipment. A filter element with SwiftSorb absorbent media helps protect your hydraulic system from both particulates and water contamination, providing absolute filtration of solid particles to Βx(c) = 1000 levels.

By removing water from your fluid power system, you can help avoid many costly problems including:

  • Issues from jammed valves
  • Bearing fatigue
  • Corrosion
  • Lubricity loss
  • Variances in viscosity
  • Increased electrical conductivity

Hydraulic Filter Applications for SwiftSorb Filter Elements

  • Gasoline water removal 
  • Kerosene water removal
  • Diesel fuel water removal
  • Insulating oil water removal
  • Transformer oil water removal
  • Hydraulic oil water removal
  • Turbine lube oil water removal
  • Quench oil water removal
  • Synthetic oil water removal
  • Phosphate ester oil water removal
  • Instrument air water removal
  • Process gases water removal

Complete Water Removal Solutions 
Swift Filters also offers Swift-Dri™ desiccant breathers designed to remove moisture and particulates from hydraulic systems, gearboxes and storage vessels.

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