Paper Industry Hydraulic Filters

Paper Industry Hydraulic Filters
Our filter elements are found throughout the pulp and paper manufacturing process, including paper machine main lube filters, hydraulics, shoe press, gear box, gas turbines and other support equipment.

Swift Filter elements have been proven in customer-performed evaluations to be more efficient and longer-lasting than industry standard elements. 

Swift elements are ideal replacements for OEM elements and are designed to be functionally and dimensionally interchangeable to major OEM filter manufacturers including:
• Pall® filter elements
• Parker® filter elements
• Donaldson® filter elements
• Hydac® filter elements
• Filter elements from many other manufacturers
• Des-Case® breathers
• Air Sentry® breathers

Complete Filtration Solutions for Extra Protection and Service Life
We offer desiccant breathers remove headspace moisture from equipment in high humidity environments.
Our complete low pressure filter assemblies comprised of filter housing and elements are ideal for many paper industry hydraulic filtration applications.

We design and manufacture thousands of custom and customized filter elements in our U.S.-based Ohio manufacturing facility.