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  • Sku: FJE-3-5
  • Type: Cartridge

Cartridge Filter Element SWIFTFELT™ FJE-3-5 5 Micron Fiber Metal Felt

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Made in the USA

ISO 9001:2015

Manufacturer of High Performance Replacement Filter Elements
For over 200 domestic and foreign manufacturers

Cartridge Filter Element SWIFTFELT™ FJE-3-5 5 Micron Fiber Metal Felt

Swift Filters FJE-3-5 is a highly durable 5 micron fiber metal felt filter element ideal for many challenging fuel and petroleum-based hydraulic filtration applications

Our metal felt filter elements feature SWIFTFELT™ fiber metal felt media that provides high strength and high pressure filter properties.

The Swift Filter Metal Felt Replacement Filter Element Advantage
 An economical true equivalent in fit form and function
• Ideal for critical hydraulic filter applications
• Maximum performance wedge wire filter elements that typically exceeds OEM interchange
• 5 micron capacity for increased dirt holding and particle capture efficiency
• Offers the highest level of hydraulic filtration
• Beta Ratio 1000 ensures 99.9% contamination control across flow surges and temperature changes offering longer system life and less downtime

The Swift Filter Metal Felt Advantage
• Optimum structural strength for heavy loads
• Minimal plugging and blinding
• High pressure/pulsating pressure capability
• Corrosive application suitability
• High thermal resistance
• Long-life — almost endless cleanability
• Sterile application / food industry suitability
• Low pressure drop
• High flow rate

FJE-3-5  Fiber Metal Felt Filter Element Specifications

  • MICRON RATING: 5 micron 
  • MEDIA TYPE: SWIFTFELT™ fiber metal felt
  • COLLAPSE: Can withstand pressure up to 4500 PSI
  • DIMENSIONS: Inner Diameter of 0.43 in., Outer Diameter of 1.04 in., and an Overall Length of 2.50 in.
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40°F to +250°F

Made in the USA, Swift Filters specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality replacement filter elements and custom filter elements for a wide variety of industries. 

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    Cartridge Filter Element SWIFTFELT™ FJE-3-5 5 Micron Fiber Metal Felt

    $509.28 USD

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