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  • Sku: SF6235-2A-10C
  • Type: Cartridge

Cartridge Filter Element SF6235-2A-10C Micron Cellulose

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Cartridge Filter Element SF6235-2A-10C Micron Cellulose

 The SF6235-2A-10C is a highly durable Cartridge Filter Element for fuels and petroleum-based fluids. With an Inner Diameter of 0.641 in., an Outer Diameter of 1.125 in., and an Overall Length of 4.655 in., our cartridge element is a high-performance replacement. Our trademarked cellulose media, SWIFTCELL, has a 2 micron filter rating to remove any larger particulates. This filter element can withstand temperatures from -65 to +225 degrees Fahrenheit. Made in the USA, Swift Filters specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality replacement filter elements and custom filter elements for a wide variety of industries. Swift Filters, Inc. maintains high standards in filter performance and quality in order to provide customers with a reliable product. Be sure to read all product specifications and dimensions before ordering to ensure you receive the filter element right for you.

  • MICRON RATING: A particle retention size of 2 micron will ensure all contaminants are removed, making sure the filter performs at its highest efficiency
  • SEAL MATERIAL: Buna-N (Nitrile)
  • COLLAPSE: Can withstand pressure up to 150 psi
  • DIMENSIONS: Inner Diameter 0.641 in., Outer Diameter 1.125 in., Overall Length 4.655 in.
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Cartridge Filter Element SF6235-2A-10C Micron Cellulose

$34.99 USD

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